Courses, materials and professional tools for art and jewelry creators. The products made available by us will help you cover techniques from different fields of art. Metal clay, traditional jewelry, engraving, enameling, glass fusing, mixed media, sculpture and more.

Metal Clay

Here you find various types of metal clay and work tools. But most of all, the most beautiful textures, templates, molds, silkscreen canvases and much more.

Jewelry Tools

Essential tools used in traditional jewelry or metal clay. Hammers, anvils, openwork cloths, vices, drills, files, punches, pliers, etc.

Kilns, Burners

Professional furnaces and burners, necessary in jewelry metal clay and the traditional one. Also ideal for firing ceramics, porcelain, glass fusion, etc.


Courses scheduled this month

Introduction to jewelry metal clay - Intensive
Plique-a-Jour enamelling
Cloisonne enameling - Intensive course


Discover our entire range of courses! We offer you all the knowledge and techniques you need to make the pieces you want. You can take jewelry classes metal clay, traditional jewelry, enamel, glass fusing, ceramics, gemology, sculpture or scrapbooking. We also help you promote your products and provide you with know-how about marketing, branding, design, etc.

Nature Copy
Learn all the secrets about making jewelry using the versatile clay called metal clay. Metal Clay it is an excellent eco-friendly option as it is composed of recycled metal and is therefore environmentally friendly.
Plique-a-day race 900 600
Cloisonné, Plique-à-jour, Basse-taille, are decoration techniques by which enamel is applied on the metal surface creating brightly colored, bright jewelry of high artistic quality.
Claudia Nechifor
Courses in this category cover basic techniques used in classical jewelry: welding, drilling, filing, sanding, stone boxing, the use of machinery and more.
Color can be added to the metal through a multitude of materials and substances, such as gold, enamel, patina, resin, found objects, inks, etc. Learn how to apply these techniques here.
Corner flower - Filigree
Filigree is an ancient technique in the art of jewelry, 5000 years old, it is an art of fine gold or silver threads twisted to create lacy patterns.
Modeling human figures
Used in the fine arts, the modeling technique refers to the plastic reproduction of objects or forms. These techniques will be applied to pieces created from metal clay.


Infinite opportunities to express creativity

We love art but more than art, we love the people who create it!We offer courses, practice workshops, guidance and support for your development, as an artist. We provide you with a complete work platform for all creators of jewelry and art objects, regardless of their previous experience. 

Contact Us if you can't find something, we're here to guide you!

Our online store offers a wide range of tools, accessories, materials, machinery and ovens high quality and carefully selected by our team. The products made available by us they will help you cover techniques from different fields of art: metal clay, mixed-media, sculpture, traditional jewelry, ceramics, glass fusion, enamel and others.

TAUGHT Courses


The place where you can learn the skills and knowledge necessary to be able to realize the artistic projects you propose.

The courses take place in the Studio which is located in the heart of Bucharest. In addition to classes, you can also come to the workshop for parts burning services, to improve your skills through assisted practice workshops or to rent a table where you can create your much desired jewelry.


Explore the works of artists!

Our school has trained a number of artists whose works we invite you to discover. Come to the community of artists metal clay to explore your creativity!


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