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Tarbay: exclusive hand crafted jewelry, reflexions of beauty

At Tarbay we believe that exalting the senses through aesthetics, art, and color is one of the best ways to transmit joy and it’s what we do with every piece of jewelry that comes out of our workshop, located in the Caribbean Island of Margarita in Venezuela.
To own an exclusive Tarbay Jewel is an unforgettable experience. All of our jewels are the product of an extensive creative process that result in unique and timeless pieces. Each creation becomes alive through its beauty and the particular story it tells. Our designs are works of art destined to reflect the beauty of the person who wears them.
We use the finest materials such as: silver, gold, gold plated, cultivated pearls as well as precious and semi-precious stones that ensure the genuine quality and exclusiveness of each piece. The Jewels come accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and a promise that Tarbay will help you treasure your piece through a lifetime warranty and maintenance provided.
The sisters Ana Sofía and Marta Tarbay began this business ten years ago as a hobby, when they decided to make art and fashion a trade of their own. Tarbay has become since then, a reference of the beauty of Latin American women that can be found at exclusive boutiques worldwide. It is an universe of exclusivity.

Artkimia Bags

Artkimia decided to focus on some contemporary flavors by working on a very popular accessory: the handbag. Both practical and beautiful, our line of handbags are made of Italian leather, hand-painted and manufactured in NYC’s Fashion District. This collection, titled “Liberty”, was inspired by one of our favorite designers – Anna Trimmel*- as a product of all the artistic and cultural influences of the big apple. Artkimia and Anna wanted to fusion the flavors of the emerging contemporary art scene of Latin America, with the energy and drive of New York.
Our handbags will be launched in limited edition.
Anna Trimmel is a half-German, half-Venezuelan artist based in Queens. She gets her inspiration from her diverse experiences, from growing up in Berlin, to living as a tour guide in the Amazon forest, and becoming an experienced artist in Queens focusing on the work of painting on leather.